CrossLife Sermons

To subscribe to sermons via iTunes on your computer, click the link below:



Press "Launch Application" or "Yes" on any diaolog boxes


​To subscribe to sermons via iTunes on your iPhone:

  1. First, install the "Podcast" app on your phone. It looks like this: as;dfljas;dlfja;lsdjfa;lsjdfa;lsdjfa;ljdf;alskdjf;alsjdkf;alsjdfa;lsdjfa;lsjdfa;lsdjfa;lsdjfa;lsjdfa;sldjfa;lsdjfa;lsdjfa;lsjfa;sljfa;lsjdfa;lsjfda;lsjdfa;lsdjf;alsjdfa;lsdjfa;sldjf;alskjfa;sldjfa;lsjdf;

  2. Now click the link below from your iPhone to subscribe and press "Open in podcasts":

Note: Must have previously installed 'iTunes'

Note: must be using 'Safari' web browser

The following are links to sermons that we have been greatly encouraged by. We trust that you will be encouraged and stirred up towards righteousness through the listening of God's Word, as delivered by these men.

Ten Shekels and a Shirt by Paris Reidhead