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Our Beginning

CrossLife Church began with several families meeting together in Russellville, Arkansas in the home of Shane and Becky Wooten. We began to fellowship in the beginning of 2011, and were established as an official church congregation in the Spring of 2011.

Our Desire

Our desire was simple: to be a community of believers that focused on the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We wanted Jesus and nothing else. The leaders of CrossLife would get together and search the scriptures to see what Church was supposed to be like. We desired not just to be another church, but to by transformed and molded by the scriptures and to do things biblically and not just do things because we've done them before or we've seen them work.

Our Name and Aim

As we studied Scripture it became evident to us that we wanted the cross of Christ, the work of the Gospel, to be our center and motivation for all that we do as church. We realize that without Christ we are nothing. Without Christ we have no life. This is how we even came up with the spelling of CrossLife. As we were discussing all the details, we decided to put the words Cross and Life together as one word, as a reminder that apart from the Cross we have no life. So we are CrossLife Church.

Our aim is to make much of Jesus here in Russellville and to the ends of the earth. We have a strong biblical conviction that the local church is very important in the life of the believer. We need Jesus and one another to live out the Gospel daily.

We wanted to rethink everything we did, and make sure we knew why we would do them. From our singing to the preaching, communion and outreach. We are a body of believers that loves Jesus and wants to honor and glorify Him in all that we do.

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