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How God is Using CrossLife

Chloe T.

CrossLife gave me a family of believers who genuinely  cared about my growth and my joy in Christ. The community God has built there has both encouraged me in truth and held me accountable to that truth. I genuinely feel comfortable sharing the hardest parts of my life and the most joyful parts of my life with these believers who I trust are committed to praying with me and for me. CrossLife is where I learned what a life devoted  to living out the gospel looked like.

Andrew C.

CrossLife has made an eternal impact on my life. The Lord used a teammate to invite me to CrossLife , where I attended in my early years of college. Through the faithful preaching of God's Word  the Lord began to convict me and draw me to Himself.  By pure unmerited grace, God raised me from spiritual death to spiritual life through the hearing of the gospel of Jesus Christ and He granted me faith and repentance. I'm thankful for the body of believers at CrossLife church and for the leaders who preach Christ each week. 

Wyatt W.

CrossLife Church has offered me a constructive community that I have never experienced anywhere else in my life. I have been able to deepen my understanding and value of love and grace. Continual encouragement makes me eager to learn and serve.

Jane Ellen H. 

I have been amazed at the Lord's  faithfulness in bringing me such Christ-centered community at CrossLife throughout my time at Arkansas Tech. I have been encouraged by biblical teaching as well as seeing CrossLife members live lives devoted to Jesus Christ. By the grace of God, CrossLife has become my home away from home, and I am so thankful! I know that I am known by a loving Creator and blessed to be loved by a local community of believers as well!

Matt Gray, Former Member/Student,

Pastor of Living Hope Church in Fayetteville, AR

My time at CrossLife was one of the most influential seasons of my life. It was here that I saw for the first time the glory and greatness of God displayed in and through the local church. It was here that my life and ministry was set ablaze to replicate what I found at this church: namely, genuine joy to know the Lord and make Him known together. I love CrossLife Church and thank the Lord for the way He used it to change my life.

Cade Scheideman CL Website.jpeg

Cade S.

I'm so thankful for how God has used CrossLife Church in my life over the past couple years. This church is marked by faithful teaching of God's Word, genuine worship, and multi-generational fellowship.  Throughout the time I have been in college, the members of CrossLife have played a huge role in my spiritual life as they love me unconditionally as Christ loved the church. I'm blessed to be able to call CrossLife my church home!

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